The current NOGs Committee...

Barrie Ward, Chairman
Barrie hosts our meetings,chairs committee meetings and generally keeps an eye on things. He's also very involved in the NOGs Allotment.


Kate Newton, Secretary
Kate looks after the admin., takes the minutes at committee meetings and makes sure our events actually happen!


Ros Pither, Allotment Coordinator
Ros fundraises, organises what we do - and cooks lunch!
Rachel Palfreyman, Newsletter Editor in Chief
Rachel oversees the newsletter production, does most of the writing and is on the Potato Day Subcommittee.


Irina Paxton
Irina is very involved in the Allotment, and has the very important role of Treasurer!



Madeleine Wells
Madeleine is also very involved in the Allotment, and takes super photos of what we do.



Bethan McIlory
Bethan is very involved with the allotment and website and has brought us into the 21st century with social media.


Karen Fry
Karen helps out at the allotment and events when she can and is also trying to manage the website.